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Human Decomposition Cleanup Services

My name is Eddie Evans and I'm known as a human decomposition cleanup practitioner. This means that I clean after human decomposition by removing the remaining fluids and soiled materials. I have completed over 100 human decomposition cleanup jobs in the past 9 years. Because I am self-employed I offer lower prices because I have a lower overhead.

I also clean after homicides, suicides, and other biohazardous events. At times, blood releases from the human body will include other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Blood cleanup during human decomposition cleanup requires a different set of tools, chemicals, and approaches then other sorts of death cleanup. Death cleanup following human decomposition focuses more on fluid recover beyond blood left behind in crime scene cleanup or suicide cleanup.

I personally answer telephone calls. If you like, just ask questions. There's plenty to discuss when it comes to a human decomposition cleanup and no need to make an appointment. Let me help explain what comes with this type of decomposition cleanup. I can share some of you can expect and what you should expect from a biohazard cleaning company. I will also clean for you if you so choose.


I accept cash, credit cards, and homeowner's insurance.In general, Human decomposition cleanup in California runs around $1,000 and less. In Reno expect to pay $1,200 to $1,400, and in our Las Vegas area, expect to pay around $1,000. Utah reaches as high as $1,500 while Arizona remains lower than $1,000. Add $100 for second floor human decomposition cleanup.


How long does it take for a human decomposition cleanup?

Usually I can thoroughly remove, clean, and disinfect soiled areas within 1 day. But, I like to ask for 2 days in case I need more time. Some time I must remove part of a floor or part of a wall. There have been times when I needed to cut floors and then a ceiling, but these are rare. Decomposition on a second floor requires more work, in any case. human decomposition cleanup should be handled professionally.

An unattended death demands professional attention because of its horrific nature, its unforeseen hazards, and its emotional risks. Whether a crime scene cleanup, a suicide cleanup, or death by natural causes, a decomposed body will leave an extraordinary amount of fluid and tissue.

The material left behind has its own odors and appearances. It is difficult to explain the awkward cleaning tasks set by an unattended death.

An unattended death's appearance is usually quite horrifying when first seen by the unsuspecting. The odors associated with a death scene strike one as nauseating. On a crime scene, odors add to the horrific appearance. The violent acts that brought the scene into existence are accentuated by the odors. Besides homicides, suicides, and death by natural causes, any decomposition of the human body requires special consideration, special handling.

After about 4 minutes human decomposition begins following death. Terms like autolysis and self-digestion help to explain the decomposition process. In all cases cells no longer receive vital oxygen as carbon dioxide increases in the blood, The pH level decreases, which means the body's acidity begins to increase. Accumulating wastes help to poison remaining cells. Enzymes cause cells to rupture, which releases fluids. These are the fluids I remove from soiled areas during decomposition cleanup.


The brain, liver, and cells add water to these fluids, which soon contain body fat. Blisters often appear containing these fluids in a couple days, but this depends on temperature, mostly. Autolysis becomes more apparent with time and temperature.

Skin begins to slide off the body and blood and other fluids slowly settle to the lowest point on the body as gravity dictates.

Gasses accumulate as chemical changes occur to the body's internal organs and cells give up their fluid contents. This all takes place while purification by enzymes and acidic chemicals decompose remaining, organic material.

Purification becomes obvious as a sulfhaemoglobin settles in blood. Skin may swell as gases accumulate and increase internal pressure. Gases like hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen begin to release into the surrounding air. Before long the death odor begins to permeate manmade and natural, cellular objects. Composit wood, clothing, bedding, carpet and carpet cushion all become permeated by the death odor. Even newspaper and wooden fan blades become polluted by these noxious gases.

Stomachs become swollen to an extreme degree when purge does not take place through the rectum. In such cases explosive conditions create soiled areas to nearby walls, floors, and other objects as skin gives way to gas pressure. Human decomposition cleanup must deal with each of these events, thoroughly.


Temperature plays the greatest role in our rate of decomposition. Human decomposition in permafrost has proven a leather quality remains of the human body. No human decomposition cleanup follows such deach scenes. Fluids do evaporate and become part of surround pete, but some structures remain, especially organs like skin. (return)

Paleontologists have shown long-term effects from freezing temperatures in human decomposition. Forensic anthropologists have shown long-term and short-term effects of human decomposition in recovery and analysis of
of crime scene victims. In these cases crime scene cleanup follows estimates and analysis of all physical material remaining on crime scenes. Of course an autopsy follows these crimes.


Knowing the post-mortem interval (PMI) becomes a very important of an anthropologist's work. A PMI serves to show which possibilities exist for missing person identification in a state time frame. It also helps to identify remains by excluding certain victims outside of a time frame.

If a homicide occurred while persons of interest were proven elsewhere, an alibi, then a PMI comes to their aid and helps law enforcement spend its time and resources investigating other persons of interest.

Finding the rate of decay in human decomposition becomes a large aspect of a PMI. Anthropologists believe that soft tissue decomposition leaves particular signs given temperatures. Descriptions of decomposition give investigators important information. Were insects involved in a human decomposition? If so, in what environment. Insects in a home indicate flies and such. Insects outdoors indicates a whole host of possibilities, including carnivorous animals.


Orange County County Government Fraud

My human decomposition cleanup services remain available to Orange County residents 24/7/365. So you would think that with my full-service cleaning and low prices I would receive many calls from Orange County residents. It's not so.

Because our coroner, administration, and fire department have corrupt employees, I very rarely receive telephone calls from those in need of my death cleanup service. Because county employees have first contact with grieving families in need, these families don't reach the Internet. As a result they send these families to companies owned by friends, families, or corrupt cleaning companies.

To fight this corruption in our Orange County Government, I have poste a number of web sites. Among these I share information at Orange County Government Corruption. Besides this web page I offer Orange County Fraud information found at Orange County Consumer Fraud. Most recently I'ved added to my growing list of county web pages. I have hundreds, but they do not generate work for me. So I must travel many miles, thousands of miles at times. Consumer fraud by county employees costs families victimized by homicide, suicide, and unattended death cleanup with decomposition many millions of dollars. Orange county employees get every penny of this money they can grab.

I offer homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death cleanup just like these corrupt biohazard companies. But I don't pay a kickback to county employees. I don't have employees to pay. I don't have employees who need medical insurance, workman's compensation, unemployment insurance, vacation pay, and retirement pay. Orange County Government Fraud echoes these same and similar ideas. What all of this means is that victims become victimized by their county government.

You would think our county employees would be ashamed of their conduct, but no. Money has a great power over human conscience, especially when people need professional trauma cleanup in Orange County.

In order to keep my business going I've added a Lakewood web page to this web site.


Human Decomposition Cleanup image
Human Decomposition Cleanup image


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